Sigfox error numbers

  • Is there a list where I check what does the numbers means when i call s.send(bytes("hello")).

    Right now it's returns 12. Which is great, but I don't know what does it mean, and I can't find any information about that. Also my message doesn't appear on the backend but that is related to the fact that antenna come apart :(
    (Can I just solder it back? )

  • @tttadam No, not compatible. The pigtails have either a male or female (tech speak) SMA plug. The one with the rod is the male one. There are adapters available, but better get another pigtail.
    P.S.: That happened to me too. I ended up in having all sorts of pigtails and adapters in my drawer.

  • @robert-hh @robert-hh So I purchesed the new pigtail. But I think it's not the same..
    What is camed with the device had a little rod in the middle, and what I bought is had a hole. I took a picture of the two connectors

    So the new one not compatible with the existing antenna if I am right. Can you confirm that maybe?

  • @eric73 I know I shouldn't use without the antenna, and after I realized it's broken, I didn't send anything, and won't until I get the new pigtail.
    Already purchased a few new pigtails, but it takes some time until I got it.
    After I slept on it I think the issue was that before the pigtail broke it had contact issue. Thats why sometimes the message was send and sometimes not.

  • @tttadam It's the so-called pigtail that broke, the adapter between U.FL plug on the board and the SMA connector at the antenna. This is a standard piece, you can get at various places, and which break sometimes. They are not designed for mechanical stress. Just take care, whether you need a male or female SMA plug on the pigtail.

  • @tttadam Hi, first using sigfox/lora without antenna may damage permanently your board, so i sugest you to avoid doing this (it clearly written in documentation).
    sigfox send as no return code in documentation but 12 is the maximum length that can be send by sigfox UNBW modulation DPBSK, so 12 must be the return code meaning your packet is send by UNBW, and i suppose that 64 will be return value when using sigfox FSK (but i am not sure it's fully fonctionnal in pycom library)
    I think you cant solder your antenna, this antenna need two solder point, hot* point is inside the SMA connecteur and cold* point is the solder you see in the terminal of the SMA shield.
    I strongly recommand you to buy a new one and to not use radio without antenna.

    *Hot and cold point is radio vocabulary used in french i am not sure in english if same word is used. Hot is radio signal and cold is (generaly) the shield of antenna

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