New solid state 3V low power CO2 sensor

  • Hey everyone,
    Came across this new CO2 sensor announcement, looks interesting. I have used CO2 sensors from before, they are pretty good (though the support is somewhat lacking).

    I'm waiting to see how much the Sunrise LED CO2 sensor kit costs. If it's reasonable, I'm going to check it out. The CO2 sensors I am using now use lots of power and take up to 3 minutes to 'warm up' to get accurate readings. It needs an I2C driver, the documentation is sparse (may be a challenge).

    There are other CO2 sensors out there, from the marketing hype, the Sunrise LED CO2 sensor looks like it could solve the power problem on an 18650 battery powered LoPy.

    The fact that they don't list the pricing makes me fear it's expensive.

    Here is the link:
    Sunrise LED CO2 Sensor Kit

    Anyone else look at these?

  • I asked them back in October. They asked 99USD/piece for 100pcs order quantity. Unless it goes to half that price I believe it is not suitable for mass market IoT products. Maybe if you would approach SenseAir directly the price would be better.

    Anyway if you are going to test it I would be very interested in the results.

    We are currently using Sensirion SCD30 which has high power consumption (basically you have to perform more than 10 consequent measurements) but the results are pretty good and so is the price.

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