New Firmware Release Candidate v1.20.0.rc0

  • @robert-hh
    It seems that you don't have issues with LTE object initialization (network.LTE())?
    Could you please try to run the code from my previous post and perform several soft-resets? There are some LTE stats included as well.

    Btw longest attach I experienced ever was about 5mins long. Usually it takes only several seconds and I am testing in an area with not optimal conditions. It seems the duration really depends on conditions in specific network.

    What is the proposed change of CTRL-F behavior?

  • @iwahdan Thanks. It works with LTE on band 8. One observation, which others made before too, IIRC. The first attach after power on takes almost forever, like 15 minutes. the subsequent attaches are fast, as long as power is maintained. Another LTE modem I have behaves different. Their first attach also takes long, but on subsequent power cycles attaching stays fast, within a second.

    Unrelated note: The py/modmicropython.c change for ctrl-f handling is not yet included.

  • @iwahdan
    Thanks a lot for new release candidate.

    I am testing with code provided earlier this week:

    LTE object fails to init (application hangs) after soft-reset. It does not happen every time but very often.


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