What is the actual max current available on the 3v3 output, assuming worst case GPy current consumtion

  • I'm seeing 2 conflicting specs for the max current available on the 3v# output. The pinout diagram and datasheet for the GPy says it is 1.2A.

    But the order page for the GPy (https://pycom.io/product/gpy/) says 400mA.

    What's the actual max current available on the 3v3 output? Under the assumption that the worst case power draw of the GPy hardware has always been satisfied.

  • @curtis-hendrix I have no spec but I once tried to connect a small LCD display to that power pin. That was an instructive failiure. Even 400 mA is optimistic (may only be reachable at the limit of 5.5 V Gpy supply).
    You can safely use that 3.3 V pin to supply some I²C chips but nothing that needs power.

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