• Hi Team,

    I have an application developed on ESP32 using standard SDK provided by Espressif.

    Now, there is need of LTE and GPy is the perfect match but keen to know regarding how to leverage my application developed in C and uses WiFi for cloud connectivity?

    Is only Python SDKs are available for Pycom modules?


  • I'm going to let someone who actually works at pycom answer licensing related questions other than pointing you at https://pycom.io/licensing/ . Hey @Paul-Thornton .

  • @robertkeizer Could you elaborate on this a little bit? I'm not looking to run custom C code at the moment, but I'm curious what GPL implications you refer to with custom firmware.

  • The firmware that pycom board uses contains a port of the micropython interpreter. The result is the only C code that is able to be run on the pycom boards ( without flashing custom firmware ) is the code that is written in micropython.

    EDIT: The above sentence should read "The result is the only C code that is able to be run on pycom boards ( without flashing custom firmware) is the interpreter for micropython, and related modules." When I originally wrote this I didn't read it again - I was not suggesting that it was possible to write C code in micropython.

    If you want to flash custom firmware onto the ESP32 directly it should be possible to get the LTE UArT going, although then you are responsible for all the pieces. Starting from the pycom firmware would provide a working system to build upon. I would strongly suggest that you look at the licensing of the pycom chips as well, as I think flashing custom firmware can have some implications around the GPLv3.

  • Why application developed in ESP-IDF would not work on Pycom boards?

    If it could it should be possible to initialize UART interface on lines connected to the LTE modem and use AT command directly.

  • Currently the firmware that is supported by pycom provides a micropython interface. Without custom firmware it isn't possible for you to use C code.

    You can create a custom firmware build and expose your C program into the micropython environment, starting from the known good pycom port of the esp32 micropython system, but I would check licensing requirements on that for your use case.

    Simply put: what you're asking isn't possible with stock pycom hardware / software.

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