Cannot import some modules (wipy, SD,...)

  • Hi,
    There are some modules my midulecannot import :

    • wipy (import wipy)
    • SD (from machine import SD)
    • RTC (from machine import RTC)
    • Timer (from machine import Timer)

    (Confirmed when looking at modules list returned by help (machine))

    I'm sure I'm missing some obvious point but definitely cannot figure out what I'm missing.

    Wipy 2
    Micropython v1.8.6-264-gadacebe 2016-12-22

  • OK, thanks for your replies.
    So just have to wait.

  • Hi @waterbed,

    Like @Frida says, these are still under development. Please keep an eye out for announcements on this forum for updates about these features.

    The 'wipy' module only exists on the wipy 1. On the new boards like the wipy 2 and lopy you need 'pycom'. Possibly you were looking at by accident. Docs for the new boards and firmware are now on (without wipy behind it).


  • @waterbed

    So, the features that we still have to implement include:

    The rest of Bluetooth with connect, subscribe, publish, and advertisement transmission.
    Sleep modes
    Hardware timers

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