RGB LED + SPI not working

  • I'd like to use both the RGBLED and the SPI interface separately (for controlling an external display) on the WiPy. Initializing the SPI interface disables the RGB LED:

    import pycom
    from machine import SPI
    spi_display = SPI(0, mode=SPI.MASTER, baudrate=8000000, polarity=0, phase=0, pins=('P9', 'P8', 'P2'))
    while 1:

    The first rgbled call works (yellow), the second one (green) doesn't. Commenting out the SPI initialization makes it work again.
    Any ideas?

  • Stupid mistake, I thought I had checked the pinout... thanks!
    Set it to None and now it works.

  • If you look at the pinout, you will see that P2 is used for the RGB LED.

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