Advice on type of developer needed

  • Hi All,

    Was hoping on some advice on what the official title of a developer would be.

    We're a tiny company that currently have a pycom (LoPy?) board that has a USB device connected to it. This sends data over bluetooth to an ipad.

    Unfortunately, the lovely person who worked on this is no longer available.

    Wondering, in order to search out the right person, what's the skills set or job title we should be advertising for?

    It's someone who can take sort out the bugs with the pycom. It sometimes doesn't send the data. We need someone to work out whether it's the iOS app that is the problem or the software between the pycom and the iOS app.

    is this said person called a "software engineer", "software developer", "embedded software developer"?

    Thank you for your time,

  • As previous comments have mentioned usually something like "Embedded software engineer" would be more than suitable. Just make sure to include in the job description its working with Micropython using Pycom's dev boards as it is a little higher level than most embedded roles.

    Any suitable candidate should be able to decide if that's something there qualified/capable of.

  • I would go with "embedded software developer", but I think micropython is so "high level" language, that if you find a good python developer without embedded background he can probably do the job.
    Maybe: "(micro)python software developer"
    BTW if I think this forum/community is really helpful, so If you don't mind post some part of the source code, maybe you can find the answers here.

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