LoRa alliance certification

  • Merry Christmas all.

    Just in time for the festive holidays a last minuite gift arrived in the pycom offices.

    Pycom has just received the official LoRa Alliance certification for the 1.02 LoRaWAN for the EU868, AS923 and US915 regions. These certifications have been granted for the LoPy4, the FiPy, the L01, and the 04. Several improvements and fixes have been made to our software stack and radio drivers while working on the certification process and all this will be available on the next firmware release to be made public shortly.

    Hope you all have a wonderful festive break!

  • Great news @Paul-Thornton! Congratulations

    I looked at the lora-alliance website put couldn't find the certification reports -- have you made them available? Obviously we would like to use your certification but need:

    • the certification reports
    • the git hashes or release number of the code which was actually certified

    Also are you planning on getting AU-915 certified, as it's a supported region in your software?

    The fixes to the stack and radio drivers that you mention sound great! I had an issue with the LBT in the radio (lack of filtering so that all channels could look busy) and am interested if that was addressed.

    Looking forward to the certificates and associated code!


  • @paul-thornton what about certification for IN865 region ? we cant do projects with lopy devices until the certification is there.

    FYI, we are already using the lopy devices with indian band, but commercial projects require certifications.

  • @jcaron I know we are planning to publically release some of our certification test scripts. Ill see if this is one of them.

  • @paul-thornton Did the test cases include deep sleep? The previous certification was quite, ahem, symbolic, as the devices had only been tested without deep sleep (and deep sleep used to break many, many of the requirements).

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