SMS Messages

  • Has anyone been able to receive SMS messages with the GPy?

  • Finally!

    import time, network
    def _getlte():
      if not lte.isattached():
        print('lte attaching '); lte.attach()
        while 1:
          if lte.isattached(): print(' OK'); break
          print('. ', end=''); time.sleep(1)
    print('configuring for sms', end=' '); ans=lte.send_at_cmd('AT+CMGF=1').split('\r\n'); print(ans, end=' ')
    ans=lte.send_at_cmd('AT+CPMS="SM", "SM", "SM"').split('\r\n'); print(ans); print()
    print('receiving an sms', end=' '); ans=lte.send_at_cmd('AT+CMGL="all"').split('\r\n'); print(ans); print()                                               
    print('sending an sms', end=' '); ans=lte.send_at_cmd('AT+SQNSMSSEND="61419123456", "This is the SMS content"').split('\r\n'); print(ans)     


    configuring for sms ['', 'OK', ''] ['', '+CPMS: 6,30,6,30,6,30', '', 'OK', '']
    receiving an sms ['', '+CMGL: 1,"REC READ","+61419123456",,"19/07/07,16:29:43+40"', 'C', 'Text to gpy test',  'OK', '']
    sending an sms ['', '+SQNSMSSEND: ID,14', '', 'OK', '']

    hope this saves someone some trial & error time.

  • @tlanier

    It works!

    The solution was to do: AT+CPMS="SM","SM","SM"

    Before I was doing: AT+CPMS="SM" which does not work

    0_1546872523060_b28dc71b-4995-4665-82ba-2cc5555137d4-image.png bolded text

  • @stevo52 Odd should not be considered spam. If you'd like them posted in the thread feel free to pm them to me and ill post them here on your behalf :)

  • @paul-thornton Hi Paul, yes, AT commands are used - as with the actual LTE setup, but are indeed workable (well, they work on the Telstra network here in OZ). I tried to post a couple of examples from the manual here, but I was advised that the content was considered 'spam'?.

    So anyone wanting to try, should get the document I mentioned and refer to the relevant chapter. There isn't a huge range of commands, but it's just SMS anyway? I tried sending normal and multi-line sms, in both directions, at normal and high priority - all worked fine once I worked the exact syntax requirements out and 'built' the commands. But I have only dipped a toe in thus far, not really developed any serious code application.

  • @stevo52 I went and spoke to the team. and your correct the modem does indeed support SMS. That said we do not have any form of API to read / send them exposed to python. but that the features should work via raw AT commands.

    They suggested that perhaps might be a suitable target for modification.

  • @tlanier SMS with the GPY is not something I have tried yet, but I added it to my list of of things to investigate further, a few months ago. I could see SMS being useful to low level system status updates for the project I am developing.

    The 'Monarch Platform LR5.1.1.0 AT Commands Reference Manual' that I downloaded to help me understand the LTE configuration does have some references to SMS use in Chapter 6: SMS Proprietary Commands. This makes me think there is some capability in the GPY. As I said, I haven't tried to make it work yet, but you could take a look in that document? I will get to that sometime in the next couple of weeks, after I sort out more pressing code issues.

  • @paul-thornton
    Is there some AT command which enables/disables SMS messages?

  • Ill put this to the team and see what I can find out.

  • @tlanier

    Below is what I've tried with no luck using a Hologram SIM. Am I just wasting my time or should this work?

    Does the CAT-M1 network support SMS messaging?

    • surely it does

    Does GPy modem support SMS messaging?

    • I would think so, but I have found no evidence that it does.

    Does Hologram SIM support SMS messaging?

    • Their dashboard has support for sending SMS messages.

    Does MicroPython in GPy have SMS messaging routines?

    • I have found none in my search.

    Has anyone ever gotten SMS messaging to work with GPy?

    • I have found no indication of anyone receiving a SMS message with a GPy.


  • I haven't tried yet, but also wondering about receiving SMS.

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