• I'm trying to rewrite some python code to run in pycom micropython. It's been a learning experience. I never gave commands like shutil.move or os.copyfileobject & how they actually work another though till I had to replace them. And yes with a lot of googling, head scratching plus trial & error I'm getting there.

    But I've brick walled with tar=tarfile.open & tar.extractall. The uzlib & upip alternatives are beyond my meagre abilities. I figure heaps of us pycom groupies must face the same issues with code porting from the great python toolbox to the micropython pocket knife. Should we try to setup some central location where we can list pycom specific alternatives to missing functionality & thereby save a lot of wheel reinventing? We could call it ''Terraforming by penknife"!

    My humble first offering herewith, trivial perhaps but then we all have to start somewhere:

    def _move(srcdir, dstdir):                                   #replaces shutil.move
      flash=os.listdir(); print ('flash =', flash)
      if dstdir not in flash: os.mkdir(dstdir) 
      files=os.listdir(dstdir); print(dstdir,'=', files, end='')
      if srcdir not in flash: print('no source directory'); return 
      files=os.listdir(srcdir); print('  ', srcdir,'=', files)
      for f in files: os.rename(srcdir+'/'+f, dstdir+'/'+f)
      files=os.listdir(dstdir); print(dstdir,'=', files, end=''); files=os.listdir(srcdir); print('  ', srcdir,'=', files)

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