OTA Updates on LoRa class C

  • Is there any documentation detailing the process of OTA updates of firmware for the LoPys?

    Also, has the process been tested? In the LoRa space OTA presents as not being easily done. https://goo.gl/9YG9Bo

  • Hello Kevin,

    Yes of course, I totally understand. I'll share the development plan very soon.


  • @daniel Hey Daniel - thank you for your prompt reply and update on the LoRa class C.

    I understand and know the pace that you must be working under, but is there anyway to share the development path for the LoPy (even if it is a rough draft)? Having line of sight of the development path will clarify our growth planning and expectations.

  • Hi KDHeard,

    LoRa class C is not available yet (will come in a future firmware update), and the process to update the firmware via LoRa is something that we are still working on. Right now we only have the WiFi OTA process.


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