Any MicroPython fans?

  • I've got quite a few Adafruit and ESP8266 devices that could support MicroPython. It occurs to me that I'm WAY more comfortable with Python than I am C/C++. However, doing a search on /r/arduino doesn't show a lot of results.

    Is there a subreddit devoted to MicroPython? Or is it just not that popular? I realize that Arduino is an ecosystem unto itself and that there are other ways to program microcontrollers, but it seems like a lot of just general purpose questions related to microcontrollers end up here, as well.

  • It isn't really portable between devices yet

    It isn't pythonic enough yet

    Might as well use C

    However I think it is going to be great when it is more mature 9apps app cartoon hd

  • @aplam This is a good forum for ESP32 based implementations of MicroPython, especially for Pycom devices. If you look at esp8266 implementations of implementations for other controllers like STM32xxx, PIC, Nordic Semiconductor chips, you may look at
    Other MicroPython resources are Circuitpython by Adafruit for their family of boards. If you look at that like a tree, you have
    | ---
    | --- circuit Python
    | --- the loboris fork
    | --- @pfalcon's fork
    | --- and many small forks for special boards like Teensy xxx

    All these variants focus on slighty different things. So you have to decide yourself which ones to use. Most forks besides Circuit Python are pretty similar.

  • @aplam here and r/esp32 are the good place to ask questions, I haven't heard about other sources for questions & answers related to MicroPython, so welcome on-board.

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