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  • Hi,

    I noticed 18 dots on the back of the GPy that look like dry connectors, but I couldn't find any documentation about them.
    Are those just strange soldering dots or Are those supposed to offer functionality.



  • @shedaim I'd agree with @robert-hh. Such "test points" are often incorporated into a PCB for automatic testing during production. Most boards pass through an automatic testing stage during manufacture and at that time it can be "pressed down" onto a jig that makes contact with these test points and allows for full testing and quite often the loading of any boot code required.

    Here are some similar looking test points inside, of all things, and electric toothbrush. Note that they have helpfully labelled a lot of the test points on the silkscreen (Hint hint, Pycom)

    Test points on an electric toothbrush

  • @shedaim For me the look like test points for manufacturing tests.

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