Pysense module error

  • Hi, I'm new to using any pycom devices and can't find a solution to my problem anywhere online. The pysense has been working but has now stopped working, showing the error below:


    However, nowhere in the main file or in any of the files stored in the library folder contains the string 'SI7006A0'. Here is the line it is referencing in the main file:

    If i change the line where it is importing the module to contain two 2's, then hit upload and run, it will throw the same error but with 'SI7006A220'. Reverting back to just one 2 ('SI7006A20') will throw the original error with the missing 2. Could anyone suggest what is casuing the program to ignore the '2' in the module name?

    Many thanks,


  • Hey.

    Could you try reflashing the latest firmware. Including using the checkbox to wipe flash. And reupload and try the code again.


  • @tr234__ I would start by adding traces just before and after that import statement to check that it’s indeed the one triggering the error.

    You may want to check your

    You can also try clearing the file system and re-uploading your files to make sure there aren’t any unneeded leftovers from previous attempts.

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