Sending Pysense data to mySQL database

  • Hi,

    I'm trying to send data from the Pysense with WiPy to a mySQL database hosted on an external server. Does anyone have any recommendations on the best way of going about this? I've tried PyMySQL but it seems like it doesn't work on the Pysense.

    Thanks in advance,


  • I’ve experienced similar issues when using MySQL databases.

    What you’re experiencing can most likely be linked to some kind of server problem. That’s what it’s boiling down to most of the time. One of my clients was having a real bad time with his database and I identified the faulty server as being the culprit behind most of the issues.

    Once we switched him up to a cloud server all of the connectivity problems were gone. Also, you could try using a service like Aiven for MySQL.
    With that you can connect appliances to your databases with ease.

    I hope I could help you, and you figure out the problems.

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