and Expansion board 3

  • The Expansion Board 3 (alone) requires 3.8mA (--> read on the multimeter) and I have read that it depends on the PIC on the Exp. Board that remains active even if the Lopy4 (that I use) is in machine.deepsleep.
    I have also read that the library can be used in order to put in power down the PIC.
    1: is it right?
    2:can anyone help me and give an example on how to do it? (for expansion board 3 and not for Pysense or pytrack).
    Thanks a lot for your help

  • @Giorgio Did you find out how?

    I have the same problem here, using a gPy+Expansion Board V3.1. I can't find a way to put the board in deepsleep mode. It is currently using 14mA. I can only find documentation for Pysense/Pytrack/DSboard, etc.. but nothing for the Expansion Board!? :\

    Where's the info I am missing?


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