Transferring from Raspberry Pi to GPy

  • I'm wanting to completely switch from my Raspberry Pi to my GPy. What is the process for converting the files over? I am pretty new to this and I would appreciate some help.

  • @smoochypea You can achieve 5 minuite send intervals easily enough by sleeping for 5minuites - however long execution took.

    (read the time at the start and end of executing. run time is end - start sleep for 5 minuites - runtime as long as recording and sending data takes < 5 minuites you'll end up with a nicely timed 5 minuite loop)

    That said. without knowing more about what the rest of the datacollection code does it's rather hard to make recommendations.

  • @paul-thornton We use a Linux app to schedule the running of the code. We are running the code in 5 minute intervals. It is a data collection project

  • It would heavily depend on exactly what the original RaspberryPi setup was doing.

    Just running a few python scripts to do stuff with the IO pins. Easy enough to port.
    running some custom linux app to do a bunch of otherstuff? Significantly harder to port.

    If you can let us know some more details Ill gladly try and offer some advice :)

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