Uploading file at runtime crashes lopy4

  • Uploading file at runtime crashes lopy4. It happens very often, has it something to do with the py being too busy while i upload a file. Im uploading through ftp provided by the AP of the py.

    Should i stop execution on the py when i'm uploading the file? Im using filezilla on my computer to upload.

  • @misterlisty

    Crash dumps contain some state about the device and running code at the point it had an error. with the right tools and source code you can see what was happening on the device when it crashed and try and locate the source of the error.

    Im not sure we have all the tooling to diagnose a crash dump public. Let me confirm with the team and check I could be wrong.

  • @paul-thornton Sure, will upload next time it happens. Just curous, exactly what is the crash dump..is it something i can interpret?

  • @misterlisty

    Edit: Apologies. I replied to this but it seemed to come as an edit to your post instead.

    Have asked the team for suggestions on the best way to handle this. Is it possible to get a copy of the crash dump next time it fails for you? we would like to confirm it is actually caused by BLE.


  • @paul-thornton It would be awesome if i could detect a ftp upload and turn off ble when this occurs?

  • Hello Misterlisty,

    Are you perhaps using Bluetooth in your app? We sometimes have issues with bluetooth blocking FTP updates. if so try and deinit bluetooth before upload.

    That said. your app running normally should not effect FTP even if its running without sleeping. FTP runs in a background task in parallel to user code.

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