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  • Wondering if someone was able to send and receive SMS with the GPy. I'm able to set the SMSCA, the command to send SMS is accepted but then the command line in the pycom is simply not giving me the option to write the SMS and send.
    any idea?

    AT command used to (try) send the SMS:
    .>>> send_at_cmd_('AT+CMGF=1')
    .>>> send_at_cmd_('AT+CMGF=?')
    +CMGF: (0,1)
    .>>> send_at_cmd_('AT+CSCA="<SMCSAddress>"')
    .>>> send_at_cmd_('AT+CMGS="MSISDN"')

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  • How to receive a Bulk text message to a phone that has a Programmable Wireless SIM
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <Message to="sim:YOUR_SIM_SID_HERE" from="{{From}}">

  • @joselfesteves I tried using SMS about a month ago - just an experiment to see if it worked. It did, in both directions for standard and multi-line messages. But that is here in Oz, on the Telstra network. Maybe it is a service related issue? Does the service you are using support SMS? I did have to experiment a bit with the AT command set though before I had any success.

  • @stevo52 Thank you for your answer. I did, Sir. But looks the command AT+SQNSMSCFG is not implemented. All queries return ERROR but without output.

  • @joselfesteves If you don't already have it, download a copy of Monarch Platform LR5.1.1.0
    AT Commands Reference Manual from SEQUANS. Sections 4 and 6 will help you with the AT commands for short and multiline SMS. Such as
    AT+SQNSMSMLSEND=<to>[,<save>[,<priority> [,<cbkNumber>]]]<CR>Text is entered <CTRL+Z/ESC> to send a multi-line.

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