Wifi with multiple configurations

  • Is there a library or a smart way to handle multiple wifi settings so that a device can store multiple configuration and cycle though these configuration (with a preference order) in order to connect to wifi networks ?

    On the ESP/Arduino side, there seems to exist WifiManager https://github.com/tzapu/WiFiManager which has some neat advanced features.

  • We dont have anything official for this at the moment.

  • @arthurlutz Hi, not sure if it is the 'right' way but I am doing this sort of thing. I use a 'configuration' module and store all the various wi-fi networks and settings there - including internal/external antenna, STA/AP/STA-AP. They are individualised by using DEF for each and then returning the information as a tuple. When initiating the WLAN service, the required configuration is determined in code and then called, the returned tuple used to provide the settings. It works OK for what I am doing. Hope that makes sense. It is useful for picking out the required network from a swarm of available ones as well. I did search for something existing but ended up 'rolling my own' solution. The configuration file makes the data common for any module to use and also allows the WLAN data to be updated, amended etc very easily without needing excessive code rewrites.. It works very well for my needs, :-)

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