[solved] How to manage WiFi networks?

  • Hello:

    I registered on pybytes but the network managment is not working i registered 2 networks:

    0_1549571614374_2ee6eada-11d7-4618-b32d-353b3111f586-image.png ![alt text](image url)

    But the second ones (Nerven_Redmi) is a Tethering hotspot and i don't achiveve to connect, i verified the password and SSID, but the board is not connecting to said network.

    How can apply the configurations?

  • Hi @nervencid,
    this table is only for saving wifi credentials in Pybytes.

    These wifi credentials could be selected (from the combo box) when you create a new device profile in Pybytes.

    At this moment a device profile is "locked" with one wifi credentials which were selected during that particular device profile creation.

    After that only when you update your Pycom device with the firmware updater, a Pycom device will receive new wifi credentials from Pybytes.

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