Soldering an external "Passive Antenna" to PyTrack?!?

  • Hej,

    I was wondering if someone has soldered an external "Passive Antenna" to their PyTrack? ... to add some extra sensitivity gain?

    Or, to PyCom ... @robert-hh & @Paul-Thornton ?? ... if they've done this in their "Lab"? ;-)

    I'm asking, before I go and ruin one ... to see if it'll work or not ... if there are some that have modified their PyTrack in this way :-)

    And for those that are wondering why? ... Simple ... The Internal GPS antenna is not good enough! ... wish they had added an external uFL External-GPS connector ... so we could hook up a more sensative/better antenna .. then the tiny one they added to the board ...

    And One has tre options:

    • A) Buy an external gps-module, and hook it up to the Pins via i2C or UART ...

    • B) Go Crazy, and try to solder an antenna to it ... and see if that'l do the trick (since the L76-L gps-chip is a a good one mind you ... just the antenna that .... sucks ...)

    • C) Choose a different development board ...

  • @combaindeft Did you find any solution? We have ended up with the EXACT same problem. Poor antenna. I mean, good relative to the size – but our application is not size constrained. I actually consider abandonning the pytrack alltogether and get a seperate gps module, accellerometer etc.

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