HTTP Server with WiFi in AP mode

  • Is the following configuration possible?

    • Pycom device 1 - HTTP server with WiFi in AP mode, listening on port for data from device 2
    • Pycom device 2 - HTTP client with WiFi in STA mode (connected to device 1 AP), sending data to device 1

  • @johan @thibault I've managed to do it finally.
    After I've set IP for HTTP server

    wlan.ifconfig(id=1, config=('', '', '', ''))

    i've tried to read IP address of HTTP Server and that was the problem, it's keep returning me ''. IP address was set properly to '' but function returns ''.

    print('Network config:', wlan.ifconfig())
    Network config: ('', '', '', '')

    Thank you for your help.

  • Yes, i do this: in our product, device 1 is a wipy, and device 2 is a lopy. That run fine.

  • Yes, should be no problem.

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