If setup as a LoRaWan Nano gateway...

  • If setup as a LoRaWan Nano gateway, what is the added value of PyBytes?

    I did the setup and all seems well. But I am feeling like I am missing the point. I see the code for the gateway has some points where it could be printing to the console but I don't actually see anything in the PyBytes Terminal. Am I missing something.

    Also is the gateway even really needed? It seems to me that I have an added step of complexity if the LoPy4 is using the WiFi to communicate to PyBytes. I have a Feather 32u4 chip sending "Hello LoRa" to my gateway but I really don't see how this combination plays out with PyBytes.

    Sorry, these are all terrible rookie questions. Any help or guidance?


  • Fair enough,

    I did quite a bit of reading on TTN about Gateways, Nodes, Applications, etc...

    I think once I can muster up some more funds for an actual Gateway; I will convert this to a Node. This PyCom LoPy4 is really a learning experience for me. The idea of using MicroPython is all new to me.


  • The value added by pybytes becomes much more apparent from the node point of view not a gateway.
    Youll still get the remote management features which are always handy.

    But you likely wont be having a gateway sending signals to pybytes to log. acting as a gateway is one of the few use cases you can't really gain much in terms of added features using pybytes. I personally would use it for the remote terminal support alone.

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