WiPy 2.0 as a Bluetooth HID keyboard?

  • With the upcoming BLE server API, will the WiPy 2.0 and Expansion Board be suitable for prototyping a Bluetooth keyboard?

    My main requirement is the ability to interpret up to 20 simultaneous keypresses, then process the input and send a string over Bluetooth upon final keyup.

    Would also like to be able to default to a USB HID if the USB cable is connected. The Pyboard has a usb_mode feature for this that you can set to pyb.hid_keyboard, but I couldn't see anything similar in the pycom module yet.

  • Thanks, @jmarcelino – appreciate the feedback. I'll likely wait until pairing is available.

  • It depends on your target application. It should be possible to implement a simple BLE HID profile to emulate a keyboard, so if your target supports Bluetooth LE (not Bluetooth Classic) keyboards it could work.

    However many platforms now - macOS, Windows 10 and, while I haven't checked recently, possibly also newer versions of iOS or Android - require BLE bonding/pairing for keyboards to work and this isn't available yet.

    As for USB I don't think the WiPy ha USB stack (the ESP32 doesn't have a USB peripheral) and the only USB socket is on the expansion board which really just goes to a dedicated USB-serial chip.

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