blynk on wipy

  • i've tried example for Blynk and i get this

    >>> execfile('')
    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>
      File "", line 21, in <module>
    MemoryError: memory allocation failed, allocating 136 bytes

    any idea? is anyone able to run blynk on wipy 2.0 with the latest firmware? thank you, j

  • @Roberto - Thanks so much for your comprehensive reply.

    Actually I figured it all out yesterday and deleted my post after I did that, but for some reason the post still exists.

    I have posted elsewhere regarding problems with high latency and error messages when using pymate together with the rgbled example:

    The other problem I found is that pymate only currently supports developer access and defaults to edit mode, I really need to get a real user to test it out and not allow them to edit the widgets.

    On another subject, I have tried the restore function by pulling GP28 high for > 3 < 6 seconds and it always reverts to the current release and does not restore the previous or factory defaults, not sure why.

    Thanks again !

  • Hello @crankshaft,

    Pymate only requires to connect to your device in AP mode for the setup stage. After the setup, the device connects itself to your router to get internet connection on every boot.
    You can still connect from your computer using serial port (just connect your device to your computer using usb/serial and use your preferred serial application). (Some modification might be required to the library if you want to use both the Pymate library and the REPL console at the same time)
    You can also connect to the device using FTP and modify both and files to load any program that you require or even perform modifications to the Pymate library.

    The library consists of 4 files: available normally on all Pycom devices but modified to include an automatic connection to the internet on every boot an MQTT library from the micro python library Github a set of classes and methods that allow the device to connect, authenticate and send message to the Pymate MQTT broker a file that contains the configuration and main call to the pymate_library file. Here you can add your customisations as well to include any extra code that you might require.

    I will get working on an overview on how the pymate library can be changed to work side by side with your apps and the REPL console and let you know as soon as posible. For now you can test the current version from your mobile device, there is no risk on using it and if you ever want to go back to the original device settings you can always use the safe boot options described here: boot#safe-boot


  • This post is deleted!

  • Hello @jose1711
    The Blynk library only supports the WiPy 1.0. There are several incompatibilities that need to be adapted first in the library like the pin names for example.
    I would recommend you to use the Pymate library instead. To get it on your device just download the Pymate App from the App Store or Google Play, follow the setup and thats it, you will get the same functionality as you get with the Blynk App.
    Both libraries work in a similar way, but Pymate uses Pycom servers and MQTT to share the data.


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