Lopy to Lopy via WiFi

  • Hi,

    I’m developing a software that connect two lopy4 and let them communicate via WiFi. I want to test them directly from my computer (so without use another computer or an external battery), but when I connect both the lopy’s on my computer, I cannot use them in parallel beacuse I can not choose which one has to run Sender code and whick one has to run Client code. How can I do that? I didn’t find any solution

  • @sarthak04 Thanks! Now I have a problem with socket, so I will open a new thread :)

  • Hey! You can just upload the codes in main.py on the lopy separately , one at a time. After you're done uploading, just plug them one by one, the LoPy will run the main.py automatically as soon as it is powered.

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