PyScan GPS and LoRa over TTN

  • Hello together, I am need the community help ;-) I have try to build a lora GPS tracker. but I need help.

    have anyone do this ?

    FiPy Board

    Fipy is connected over Lora and sends data.
    But how I can send the Position data ?

    if have anyone a example script ?

    I send the data over the Things. network LoraWAN

  • I use the example file for LoraOTAA and a Nano Gateway.

    for i in range (200):
        pkt = b'PKT #' + bytes([i])
        print('Sending:', pkt)
        rx, port = s.recvfrom(256)
        if rx:
            print('Received: {}, on port: {}'.format(rx, port))

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