Firmware update elf vs tar

  • How do I load firmware offline now from an elf file?

    I need to load firmware in the field where I don't have a reliable internet connection.

    It looks like the releases are provided in elf format
    the old version seems to be tar gziped

    it seem like the pycom-fwtool-cli and Pycom Firmware Updater (Flash from local file) are expecting a tar file

    Either I'm looking at the wrong link for the firmware

    Or I don't know how wrap package the elf into tar.gz

    I unpacked an old copy of a tar of 1.20.rc7 and that doesn't seem to contain the 1.20.rc7 elf =?= bin (but sizes seem very different)

    I think i'm missing something really simple.

  • @rcolistete You're right. Sorry Paul.

  • @jason_gladen The tar-gz file contain the binary image, which is not identical to the elf file. You can install the tar files with the pycom updater, but the most recent versions are not available for download, which I consider an omission. And it was promised to provides also the up-to-date tar files! Ping, @Paul-Thornton
    Until then you could repack the tar file. The conversion of the .elf file into the .bin file is done with flashfreq=80Mhz, flashmode=dio. Once you have a bin file, you can grap an older tar file for your target, unpack it, replace the bin file, and re-pack it again. This new tar file can then be installed into your device.

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