Any MicroPython fans? Pros? Cons?

  • I've got quite a few Adafruit and ESP8266 devices that could support MicroPython. It occurs to me that I'm WAY more comfortable with Python than I am C/C++.MicroPython? Or is it just not that popular? I realize that Arduino is an ecosystem unto itself and that there are other ways to program microcontrollers, but it seems like a lot of just general purpose questions related to microcontrollers end up here, as well.

  • Hi,

    In general, the MicroPython project is rather active and still the git history changes quite fast here. One of the advantages for me was that it was easier to use than C for my simple project. It was a garage door automation: an engineering college project (I used an ESP8266 and MicroPython). my engineering lab project

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