Default SF and Coding Rate ?

  • Hello Community,

    I was wondering what actually happens when I do not use the SF parameter while intilaizing LoRa settings like this

    lora = LoRa(mode=LoRa.LORA, region=LoRa.US915, sf=9, coding_rate = LoRa.CODING_4_8, tx_power=20, rx_iq=True)

    here I have used SF 9 what if I remove this parameter does it mean that there would be no SF applied ? or will the default of SF 6 be chosen.

    What should i do, if i dont want any FEC at all? Do i just remove this parameter as well or by default will some value be applied.

  • @snehasg96 Hello, according to documentation
    Default contructor setting is SF7 CR=4/5

    lora.init(mode, * ,region=LoRa.EU868, frequency=868000000, tx_power=14, bandwidth=LoRa.BW_125KHZ, sf=7, preamble=8, coding_rate=LoRa.CODING_4_5, power_mode=LoRa.ALWAYS_ON, tx_iq=False, rx_iq=False, adr=False, public=True, tx_retries=1, device_class=LoRa.CLASS_A)

    If by FEC you mean CR, sx1276 (lora-chip) was unable to do less than 4/5.

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