Universal IP67 Case - feedback

  • I have just received 2 pycom universal ip67 cases and they do look good.
    there are 2 things i do have issues with and i'm just providing it as feedback.

    1. There are no included screws for mounting the pysense, pytrack or expansion boards.
      I now need to try to find the correct screws to fix board to case.
      So far I haven't found any details on the correct size I should use

    2. The usage of the punch out holes is not overly obvious and with lack of any documentation i'm curious about their purpose.
      There are a number of punch out holes, some are obviously for antenna but others are not so obvious.
      The rectangular punch out I assume is for USB but not sure what to use here that will maintain IP67 rating

    Could we get some more information regarding this case?

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