Lopy/Pysense program going to sleep works perfectly on USB, not on Battery

  • We made a program on a Lopy with PySense and using the SD card, which goes to sleep at a cerain moment and is waken up by e.g. the acceloremeter.

    It works prefectly when power supplied by USB (and battery),
    but when working on battery alone it hangs after waking up.
    The battery is fully charged (4.1 V, 4.2 V when charging).

    Any ideas? Known solutions?

  • @jcaron We are using the pysense library for it.
    It could have been the suggestion we read somewhere else on the forum for connecting P8 with a resistor to 3V3. If we remove the resistor it seems to work. More testing being done at the moment.

  • @peterb Do you have the same issue if you don't use the SD card?

    Are you using machine.deepsleep or the Pysense library deep sleep?

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