UK use of Gpy/FiPy

  • Hi,

    I'm looking around for a solution to getting and sending small data packets to/from a racing motorcycle while it's hurtling around a track. I don't need a huge bandwidth; just a few bytes once a second or so.

    Looking at the GPy/FiPy they seem like really neat devices that could do the job, but I'm really unsure about their suitability in the UK as from what I've read LTE-M/NB-IOT doesn't seem to be available in the UK.

    I don't think a LoraWAN solution would help as the coverage at, fairly, remote racetracks isn't likely to be great.

    A direct Lora-Lora connection might work but the topology generally means that there won't be line-of-sight between modules and in the pits there tends to be a lot of metalwork which won't help.

    From what I've read of Sigfox, uplink from the device isn't meant to be great and the price/availability in the UK is at best obscure.

    Have I misunderstood the current situation for IoT communications in the UK?

    Can you suggest another suitable technology to send/receive data?

    Thanks in advance.

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