PWR_EN pin as GPIO (output)

  • Dear support team,
    Since pins with output capabilities (which don't have SD or other usefull use) come in short supply I wanted to use the P3/PWR_EN/G24 pin with a lopy4/pysense combination as an output.
    Searching the docs for what the PWR_EN does, is still useless, and looking at the forum only yields unclear 2 years old discussion which don't really talk about the possibility to use it as a simple GPO.
    Obviously a schematic would have helped but using a multimeter I was able to figure out it was connected through 2x 9k resistors to the PIC.... but that raises more questions than it answers...
    So what does PWR_EN mean? is that a reserved function which chip does it enable pwr to? does the function work currently? Where is the information to be found? I tried it with a fipy/pyscan combinaison and apparently it seems to work as an output... but the pyscan datasheet is just as obscure and I have no idea what is the effect of it on the PIC functionality.
    It's been months people have been asking proper pin / function documentation and it is progressing somehow... but at a very slow speed... and makes it very difficult to plan any circuits around your boards. I know making proper docs is boring but honestly it is "not an option" when you have customers..

    So thanks for that.

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