LoRa mesh missing on Lopy4?

  • Hi all! I'm trying to setup a simple Lora mesh, but I'm stuck on the "setup" part.
    If I understand correctly, the LoRa mesh support is only available in the latest development RC builds.

    (sysname='LoPy4', nodename='LoPy4', release='1.20.0.rc8', version='v1.9.4-7b83c6d on 2019-03-06', machine='LoPy4 with ESP32', lorawan='1.0.2', sigfox='1.0.1')

    Yet my Lopy4 keeps saying it has no notion of the LoRa "mesh" capabilities when I try something like this:

    from network import LoRa
    # initialise LoRa
    # the LoRa parameters (frecq, sf, bandwidth) has to be the same for all
    # nodes in the same Pymesh
    lora = LoRa(mode=LoRa.LORA, region=LoRa.EU868)
    print("Enable Pymesh")
    # print(lora.Mesh())
    pymesh = lora.Mesh()
    # check node state inside Pymesh
    # PYMESH_ROLE_DISABLED = 0, ///< The Pymesh stack is disabled.
    # PYMESH_ROLE_DETACHED = 1, ///< Not currently participating in a Pymesh.
    # PYMESH_ROLE_CHILD    = 2, ///< The Pymesh Child role.
    # PYMESH_RlOLE_ROUTER   = 3, ///< The Pymesh Router role.
    # PYMESH_ROLE_LEADER   = 4, ///< The Pymesh Leader role.
    print("Pymesh node role: %d"%pymesh.state())
    print("IPv6 unicast addresses: %s"%pymesh.ipaddr())

    I keep getting the following error.

    AttributeError: 'LoRa' object has no attribute 'Mesh'

    And I can see that no "mesh" elements are present in the LoRa class.

    >>> LoRa.
    __class__       __name__        ABP             ALWAYS_ON
    AS923           AU915           BW_125KHZ       BW_250KHZ
    BW_500KHZ       CLASS_A         CLASS_C         CODING_4_5
    CODING_4_6      CODING_4_7      CODING_4_8      EU868
    LORA            LORAWAN         OTAA            RX_PACKET_EVENT
    SLEEP           TX_FAILED_EVENT                 TX_ONLY
    TX_PACKET_EVENT                 US915           add_channel
    airtime         bandwidth       callback        coding_rate
    compliance_test                 events          frequency
    has_joined      init            ischannel_free  join
    mac             nvram_erase     nvram_restore   nvram_save
    power_mode      preamble        remove_channel
    set_battery_level               sf              stats
    timeout         tx_power

    I tried the following builds: LoPy4-1.19.0.b4 (which is confirmed working by somebody else), LoPy4-1.20.0.rc1 and LoPy4-1.20.0.rc8
    What am I missing?

  • It's a little odd that the LoPy includes the mesh functionality but the LoPy4 doesn't in rc8. I would have expected it to be the other way around based on the increased memory capacity on the LoPy4.
    Will there be build options available via the firmware update tool to include mesh or not for all supported devices?



  • @agotsis @jcaron You're right, package 1.20.0.rc7 contains the meshing capabilities. Looking at the git commits, rc8 builds on top of rc7 though... so it doesn't make a lot of sense as to why it is not included.
    Anyway, it works now! Thanks for the help.

  • @jcaron @Belbs

    Had the same issue with the 1.20.0.rc8. I downgraded to 1.20.0.rc7 where it seems that loramesh is available (although I am not really sure how the packaging is implemented by pycom).


  • @belbs it is my understanding that there are versions with and without Pymesh due to the added size.

    No idea where you find/select one or the other though, haven’t used it at all myself.

    Do you have the latest firmware update tool?

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