Pymesh crashes Lopy

  • @catalin This is what comes back when pyMesh crashes with lopy and mesh that is running, it doesn't happen reliably, but it eventually crashes the entire system:

    Guru Meditation Error: Core 1 panic'ed (InstrFetchProhibited). Exception was unhandled.
    Core 1 register dump:
    PC : 0x00013ffe PS : 0x00050033 A0 : 0x00013ffe A1 : 0x3ffe12f0
    A2 : 0x00230000 A3 : 0x00000006 A4 : 0x08700000 A5 : 0x00003ffb
    A6 : 0xd2550000 A7 : 0xd26b4009 A8 : 0xfffb4009 A9 : 0x39a4ffff
    A10 : 0x00014008 A11 : 0x69ac0000 A12 : 0x08704009 A13 : 0x00003ffb
    A14 : 0x00000000 A15 : 0x00000000 SAR : 0x00000000 EXCCAUSE: 0x00000014
    EXCVADDR: 0x00013ffc LBEG : 0x00000000 LEND : 0x00000000 LCOUNT : 0x00000000

    Backtrace: 0x00013ffe:0x3ffe12f0 0x00013ffb:0x000000ff

    Guru Meditation Error: Core 1 panic'ed (IntegerDivideByZero). Exception was unhandled.
    Core 1 register dump:
    PC : 0x40098f0b PS : 0x00060033 A0 : 0x80098822 A1 : 0x3ffe11b0
    A2 : 0x3ffe1230 A3 : 0x00000000 A4 : 0x00002800 A5 : 0xc0051ff0
    A6 : 0x00051fe0 A7 : 0x00000032 A8 : 0x00000000 A9 : 0x3ffe11a0
    A10 : 0x2c42f5e1 A11 : 0x00000000 A12 : 0x00000018 A13 : 0x3ffe11c8
    A14 : 0x3ffc3b00 A15 : 0x00000001 SAR : 0x00000017 EXCCAUSE: 0x00000006
    EXCVADDR: 0x00013ffc LBEG : 0x4009cfd8 LEND : 0x4009cfe3 LCOUNT : 0x00000000

    Backtrace: 0x40098f0b:0x3ffe11b0 0x4009881f:0x3ffe11f0 0x40098a5a:0x3ffe1210 0x4008378a:0x3ffe1230 0x40013ffb:0x3ffe12f0

    Re-entered core dump! Exception happened during core dump!
    ets Jun 8 2016 00:22:57

    rst:0xc (SW_CPU_RESET),boot:0x13 (SPI_FAST_FLASH_BOOT)
    configsip: 0, SPIWP:0xee
    mode:DIO, clock div:1
    entry 0x400a05f8
    Initializing filesystem as FatFS!

  • Thanks @catalin!

    (it seems to have mesh up until rc11, at least I'm using that one )

    While we wait I use the old legacy firmware to play with Loramesh.

    However, this issue reported with instrFetchProhibited seems to happen on some boards and not others (regardless of firmware version) so it would still be nice to be able to build my own version of the firmware do investigate it further while I wait for your release... is there a version of the FW-sourcecode with openmesh included?

    For future reference, if the issue remains...
    The following code does cause the problem on some Lopy4 boards

    from loramesh import Loramesh
    from network import LoRa
    import pycom
    lora = LoRa(mode=LoRa.LORA, region=LoRa.EU868, bandwidth=LoRa.BW_125KHZ, sf=7)
    print("pre loramesh")
    mesh = Loramesh(lora)
    print("Lora mesh complete")

  • hi @Danne,

    Since 1.20.0.rc9, the Pymesh component was excluded from development firmware releases (I hope to be right, but from July '19). The idea is to add a separate firmware release for Pymesh, due to licensing issues. This is not yet done, but we are working on it.

    I will announce the release on this channel:

  • Just want to confirm, that I have seen this on three Lopy4 units running the Loramesh library. Firmware 1.20.0.rc11

    Seems to crash in init on the line:

    self.mesh = self.lora.Mesh()

    Same code runs on several other Lopy4 units without problem and this unit did run the same code before without problems then suddenly started crashing and I thought the unit to be completely broken since I could not get them to run the mesh code again even when I re-flashed the firmware.

    @catalin: Since I have some (3) of these nodes crashing It would be nice to be able to build the firmware myself to debug. I built the latest version successfully (without mesh) but I am unable to build with openthread support, I guess I need to add the openthread component to pycom-esp-idf somehow?

  • hi @Jordan-Reyes, I've forked your issue here, to discuss it out of Pymesh announcements topic.
    So, are you using Lopy_v1, release 1.20.0.RC8 and scripts from here:

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