reset before wifi (pyscan + gpy)

  • Hey,
    I need to reset my pyscan + gpy before I connect it to wifi. The method I tried to use was

    >>> import machine
    >>> machine.reset()

    or by pressing the reset button. I was told that this method is not the best way to do it. Does anyone have a better suggestion on how to do reset, any links that show how to?
    Thank you.

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  • @jcaron said in reset before wifi (pyscan + gpy):

    on did they give? Did they sug
    We work as a group to connect the pyscan + gpy to wifi now. So we want to reset it before connecting it to wifi.
    the reason is this: Because we have to connect to its wifi to access it, so if we test with another wifi and it does not work then we will not be able to connect to it. So we must be able to do a reset physically.

    so my question is do you reset your pyscan + gpy before connecting it to wifi? and when you reset it regardless, what type of safe methods do you use?

  • @Israel who told you that, and what reason did they give? Did they suggest another method?

    Though my own question would be: why do you need to reset before connecting? Do you really need to reset the whole module?

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