Reset pyscan + gpy

  • I tried to reset my pyscan + gpy which I connected using wifi.

    import machine

    This is how I did it. What I expect is for the device to somehow remove the files in the flash memory or reset is somehow. Instead I am getting failed to connect (connection was reset). Is there any other way of resting it without pushing the reset button, because we will place the device out of reach.
    Thank you

  • because we will place the device out of reach.

    If this means, that your source shall not be readable by others: search in the forum how to encrypt the file system. Its more reliable than detecting intrusion and hopeing that there is left enough time time and power

  • Thank you for your answer. I will try it tomorrow

  • @Israel Reset does not touch the file system. Instead it works almost like power-on. if you want to clear the file system, you can call uos.mkfs(), which erases everything including the files you might need to get back to an operational state. What you seem to aim at is a kind of factory reset to your configuration. The only way I see how you could achive that is making your own image with your code being frozen into flash, which also rebuilds and if required.

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