lopy4 on 470-510/433 MHz

  • Seems this has been discussed here already: lopy/lopy4 - LORA on 433MHz

    My question is; why can I not see 410-570 MHz (China) or 433 MHz (EU) APIs in the documentation?
    I don't see one here, in the code either.

    Many thanks for your help.

  • @goldfishalpha It is possible, and not too complicated. You have to to a few changes to modlora.c, application.mk and a few of the region specific files, mostly along what is present for e.g. region EU868. But you would have to maintain that every time that the firmware is changed.

  • So I went digging with my limited knowledge and spotted this in LoRaMac.h and a RegionCN470.c in the mac and mac/region folders respectively. Seems not much has been done since 16 Mar 2018.
    Considering this, I find it odd then that setting region=LoRa.CN470 returns an error AND there is no mention of using these libraries anywhere.
    If perhaps pycom cannot yet officially support this frequency yet, would anyone know what one would need to do to access this part of the library from the LoRa module?
    Note: My testing would involve the use of a Faraday cage. I DO NOT intend to violate regulatory requirements in ANY country/region.

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