GPS example without Pytrack board

  • Hi
    I am new to Wipy board
    I have the Wipy board with expansion board 3.1
    Is there a way to connect it to a GPS Sensor?
    can I know my location without using Pytrack board

    thank u

  • @mms117 There are also libraries available. Some are probably able to use other GPS modules with very little changes to the code, as long as you stick to standard NMEA format (as opposed to brand-specific formats).

  • wel the code depends on what GPS module u use.
    usualy you don't have to send anything to it , it just send data in NMEA format.
    sometimes you have to initialize the module before it sends something. without knowing what module you're using we can't give you any useful code.

    if you wan't something without having to program yourself, just by a pytrack and use the sample code

  • @robert-hh can you help me in writing the code I not so familiar what should I give it and what should I receive from it???

  • @mms117 You can connect an external GPS sensor. They typically have and UART interface, which you can connect to e.g. UART1.

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