Interference of functions? Pin Wake Up, I2C, SD-Card

  • I have a SiPy and a Pysense, on one set the program works fine on another with exactly the same programs etc it does not work. I suspecting some interference between functions which on some device combinations is more critical than on others


    I have on IO header pin 6, as dfined by the pysense library, a wake-up button (connected to 3v3_PyModule and a resistor of 1k5 to ground)
    That pin 6 of the IO header is connected to P9 of the SiPy. But that seems to be used for sdDATA2 and an SDA.

    • Would that give interference with the SD card of the PySense?
    • Would that give some interference with some I2C I do not know of. (SDA/SCL for PySense are on P21/P22)

    I defined P10 as SDA and P11 as SCL for I2C to an external RTC (the internal RTC does not hold its time when sleeping)

    • But P10 is also marked in the diagram as SCL for some unknown I2C. Would that give some interference?

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