Stable Firmware Release v1.18.2.r4

  • Hello everyone,

    New Stable release v1.18.2.r4 is released today, changes include:


    • Releasing GIL when ssl handshake is performed.
    • Allow PDN list update when carrier is defined in LTE
    • Add support for LTE modem responses greater than UART buff size
    • Added Check for LTE band support against both SW and HW versions of the LTE modem.
    • Updated Sqns upgrade scripts to v1.2.5

    Bug Fixes:

    • Enabling Access to 2nd SPI perf for GPY modules
    • Use Hardware timers for Lora timer tick to fix RTOS timer drifts when cache is disabled.

    you can download the sources from here
    or you can flash the firmware directly via Firmware Updater tool with latest stable firmware

    Also new Sequans Firmwares for CAT-M1 [41065] and NB-IoT [41019] are available for download see this post

    NOTE: To upgrade to the New Sequans Firmwares 41065 and 41019 you should use the latest this latest Stable release or the latest Development release v1.20.0.rc9

  • Are there any release notes for the new sequans firmware? Any indication of feature changes or bug fixes?

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