Can not connect on WiPy via COM

  • Hello,

    OS: Windows10.
    We have an WiPy board that can be access via Wifi using telnet. The prompter is shown and we can type commands.

    However if we disconnect Wifi and try to connect via COM4, PyMakr is displaying 'Connected' but the ">>>" prompter is not show and you can not type/execute anything.

    If we are doing the same with LoPy everything works fine.

    Both boards have been upgraded to latest firmware.

    Does anybody know some workaround for this WiPy serial connection issue?

    Thank you,

  • @Colateral do you have anything inside and in that WiPy? What happens if you try to connect via telnet? Is there any difference?

    When you say latest firmware, is that 1.2.2.b1 ?


  • Are these statements in or

    from machine import UART
    uart = UART(0, 115200)

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