Phone detect GPy through Bluetooth

  • Is it possible, phone will detect GPy through Bluetooth?

  • @jcaron it's a big help thank you for your answer

  • @ctltiglao You can definitely set up the GPy to advertise as a BLE peripheral, and write an app that scans for such peripherals and connects to it.

    Plenty of examples in the docs.

    Note that I believe the GPy also supports Classic Bluetooth, however use cases for that one are quite a bit more complex (its use is very restricted on iOS for instance).

  • @jcaron Actually, I’m planning, using GPy board to scan the phones through Bluetooth since I read a topic that PyCom Bluetooth supported BLE only. So as an option, through my phone I’m planning to scan the GPy board. So, as you replied to my question, I could set the GPy to act as BLE. If that so, if I would make a mobile app I could possibly scan the GPy?

  • @ctltiglao What do you clean by "detect"? If you have your GPy advertising via BLE and you have an app scanning for BLE devices, surely. You could also set the GPy to act as a BLE beacon. And there are many other possibilities, but unless you tell us exactly what you want to do, it's going to be difficult to be more specific.

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