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  • Hello,
    I have two pyscan devices that I would like to have them communicate with one another. At a specific incident, as an example when one of the devices senses light, I would it to send a message to the other device. I haven't found resources that are relevant to what I am trying to do now. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to do these? (Basically create communication between the pyscan devices).
    Thank you.

  • @Israel It will not be the Pyscan boards communicating, obviously, it will be the modules mounted on them.

    There have been lots of discussions about having two devices communicating with each other over a variety of media (LoRa, Wi-Fi, BLE, Mesh...). Your first decision will be to pick the technology you want to use, which depends on your requirements in terms of distance between the devices, existing infrastructure, amount of data, frequency of the transmissions, power consumption requirements, etc.

    You'll have to be more specific about all your requirements (or the chosen technology, if you have already done that), and from there you should find relevant discussions (and in many cases even examples in the documentation).

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