Micropython/embedded developer (Remote freelance/contractor)

  • For a client, I'm looking for a senior Micropython/embedded developer (freelance/contractor) that preferrably has experience with Pycom modules. I have been working as developer for the client myself, but they need extra help.

    Project Description
    You will be working on the software for a new iteration of the (Pycom-based) device that the company is developing. You will be working most of the time on the Micropython code that runs on the devices. You will also need to be comfortable with embedded C in order to analyze and fix problems in the Pycom firmware when they arise and extend the firmware in case a feature cannot be implemented in Micropython.
    You can work remotely, but occassional visits to the company headquarters in Noord-Brabant are desired.

    Developer Experience Profile

    • Micropython
    • Embedded C + GNU command line toolchain (gcc, gdb, binutils)
    • LoRa
    • Inter-IC Protocol knowledge: I2C, SPI, 1Wire, etc.
    • Analyzing/Debugging hardware issues using a logic analyzer
    • Development of device drivers and other low-level code (both in Micropython as well as C)
    • Unit testing (esp. Python) is a plus
    • TypeScript & React experience is a big plus, but not a must
    • Bluetooth experience is a plus, but not a must

    Company profile
    The company is active in the smart building and real-estate space. It has many Pycom-based products deployed in a number of large buildings in The Netherlands. The team working on the products and services is very small so you will have a lot of influence on the product. The company is based in Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands, easily accesible by car or public transit.

    Please contact me at:
    post AT martijnthe DOT nl

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Maybe this will be interesting for you. Please find all information at:


    best regards, Jaro Kapus

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