Firmware Update on Pysense 1.0 w Fedora

  • Hello,

    Im trying to get my GPy running on my Pysense using my Fedora Linux computer. The GPy has V1.0r printed on the board and the Pysense has V1.0 on it.

    Following the steps from the Pycom site for the set up for the GPy here:
    I followed the link here to update the firmware for the Pysense here:
    Following the instructions (and installing dialog) I was able to successfully run:
    dfu-util -D pytrack_0.0.8.dfu
    and get the update to happen and show the same output as shown.

    Continuing on the GPy set up (first link above), I plugged the GPy into the Pysense and the antenna into the GPy.
    Moving down the list for the GPy to software:
    The drivers tab shows that Linux shouldn't require driver updates.
    The next tab shows info for updating firmware:
    For Linux it links to 8 packages:
    I downloaded the 6th package, pycom_firmware_update_1.15.1-i386.tar.gz because I'm running Fedora on an Intel processor and because GLIBC 2.18 seems newer than 2.14.
    I opened the download in my downloads folder, navigated to it in terminal and ran
    and was greeted by some interesting UI.

    The first slide states: There is a new version of this tool, please update it.

    The next states: This tool is deprecated and only offers limited functionality. Please use pycom_fwtool instead!

    The next states: Please follow these instructions (Expansion Board 2.0 only!):
    then continues with instructions about jumpering some pins on the expansion board.

    Some of my questions are:
    Is this Pysense firmware update necessary if the firmware was already updated through the dfu-util?
    If it is not, why is it recommended to try this update?
    Is there a more update version of this update that doesn't ask to be updated or offer limited functionality?
    Does the printing on the Pysense board (v1.0) indicate that this board is incompatible with this update software (because it states "Expansion Board 2.0 only!")?
    The procedures for the GPy seem to be out of order (update firmware on the Pysense, install the GPy, remove the GPy to install more drivers that require a jumper). Am I misunderstanding the installation order for this?
    Further down on the ...firmwaretool.html site, there are more instructions for Expansion Board 2.0 and 3.0. Where are the instructions for 1.0 boards (assuming the print dictates this version)?
    Am I misreading this instruction and the Pysense and GPy are already to good to go?

    I appreciate anyone taking the time to follow along with this. Please answer any or all of the questions if you are able.

    Thanks again,

  • I ended up just skipping the firmware update because it seemed to be both old and designed for the Expansion Board 2.0 (which IMO is a bad name for a board because I would consider the Pysense, Pyscan, Pytrack, and Pygate to all be "expansion boards" for the devices like the GPy but anyway). I skipped these sections and moved on to trying to get Atom installed and plugged the device in. Nothing bad happened but now im stuck at getting the port open / the device connected with the Atom.

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