Lopy4 FFT (spectrum analysis) micropython, adding C code?

  • I tried a micropython FFT algorithm of 2048 points and it took 4m53s to complete (yes almost 5 minutes), hence the need for the C version.

    Should this be incorporated in the lopy4.bin or is this a .bin beside it?
    How to keep that working with firmware updates?
    Does pycom provide info for this?

    The post processing after the FFT only took 0.02 seconds in Python so I don't think it that needs to be put in C, so the pure FFT functions are the problem.


  • @KenM

    keep in mind that the float implementation works like similar like the string implementation. Each expression will create at least one new object. even

    x += 1.0

    will generate a new object. So you have to deal with a heavy fragmented memory. If you can do most of your float stuff around the fft code, move them as well to C. So it will be easier to allocate mem.

  • @KenM You might get some inspiration here: https://micropython-dev-docs.readthedocs.io/en/latest/adding-module.html
    The code structure for both Micropyhton variants is pretty similar.

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